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0CD Perfectionism

August 29, 2014
What’s so wrong with striving to do your very best? Without high expectations, what would motivate you to accomplish your goals and aspirations? There is nothing wrong with working hard and and setting certain standards for yourself. However, if you live with anxiety because you are terrified you may make a mistake or a wrong decision, you may be suffering from OCD perfectionism. OCD perfectionism should not be confused with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, or OCPD. The latter is not an anxiety disorder; it is a personality trait which initiates behaviors that demand rigidity and inflexibility. Conversely, OCD perfectionism is a symptom of an anxiety disorder, and may include a constellation of behaviors and symptoms. The individual with this diagnosis is often in extreme distress due to their unrealistic expectations, which leads to procrastination, indecisiveness, self-reproach, anxiety and depression. OCD perfectionism has far-reaching effects, and contributes to skin-picking (dermatillamania), eating disorders, social ...

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Dementia, Anxiety and caregiving

An entry on dementia may seem a bit out of place on a blog that addresses anxiety and chronic illness. However, it is relevant for several reasons. First and foremost, I have several clients whose reason for seeking treatment was that they were experiencing feelings of acute anxiety that were not precipitated by any triggers consistent with an anxiety disorder. As it turned out, these people had a parent or spouse who had been diagnosed with some form of dementia. In many cases, they were swamped with anxious feelings shortly after learning about the diagnosis — and as the symptoms of their loved one’s dementia became more obviously problematic, so too did their own anxiety. There are many different types of dementia, and no test can determine with 100% accuracy the type from which one may suffer. Unlike other physical illnesses, the diagnosis can be frustratingly vague, and it is difficult ...

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Overcoming Health Anxiety: (formally called Hypochondriais)

For Most people, a recently-appeared skin blemish or a headache is nothing to be alarmed about. But if you suffer from health anxiety, formally known as “hypochondriasis,” symptoms such as these could easily be interpreted as a life-threatening disease. You may visit your doctor excessively, or avoid going to the doctor altogether for fear that you will be diagnosed with something terrible. If you do see your physician, and he or she runs some tests, you are likely to assume the worst — and the waiting period can be agonizing. Health anxiety can be a central feature of many different diagnoses, including depression, somatoform disorder, adjustment disorder and others. It can also be a central feature of certain anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and panic disorder. Individuals suffering from GAD are most likely fear malignancies, while individuals with OCD most commonly worry about infectious diseases. ...

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